Updating Godaddy’s name servers? Good luck

I have used Godaddy for a long time. By the way I have got a critical issue when I update name servers of a domain.

Today I tried to update the name servers of a domain to Godaddy’s default name servers and then it was messed up. The existed name servers were mixed up with Godaddy’s default name servers and then I cannot use the domain anymore.

Then I called Godaddy’s customer support and they said they had an issue on it. As a result, they said that I have to wait for 5 days to get the domain working. It was my second time to face this issue.

Someone who uses their Godaddy domain for a critical use has to think about updating name servers seriously. I think that Godaddy has a big problem on their system. It happens twice and they haven’t fixed it.

I will try to transfer all my domains to other service provider as soon as possible.

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