New Fitbit Flex 2 , Fitbit Charge 2 and Apple Watch 2

Fitbit Flex 2

Fitbit launched Fitbit Flex 2 which put a new function to track a swimming activity. It is similar to Misfit Shine.

Tracking a swimming activity

It tracks…

  • Laps
  • Duration
  • Calories
  • Distance

If it is compared to Misfit Shine’s Swimmer’s edition, Misfit Shine tracks everything which Fitbit Flex2 supports.

I think that Misfit Shine is more customized to track a swimming activity. Misfit Shine supports a unique feature calling ‘Swim Time Countdown’.

Water Resistance

Both of them support 50 meters water resistance.

Fitbit Charge 2

Several features which you should notice.

  • Improved its heart rate sensor.
  • Multi-Sports mode: tracks specific exercises like running , weights or yoga.
  • SmartTrack: Automatically records select exercises like hiking , biking , sports and more. Interested in experiecing how it works.

Fitbit VS Apple Watch 2

Now I wonder that the upcoming Apple Watch 2 supports more tracking features which Fitbit leads with their new products.

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