How can I use San Francisco mono font in Xcode7 ?

Apple released a new coding font which calls San Francisco mono. I have used Source Code Pro which Adobe created. But I would like to test and use Apple’s one in Xcode7.

Basically San Francisco mono font is pre-installed in Xcode8 beta. So here is the way to use it in Xcode7.

  1. Install Xcode8 and find the location of the font.
  2. Copy them into your font directory in macOS. I used ~/Library/Fonts
  3. Launch Xcode7 and configure it as a coding font. (Xcode7 has a bug that you can’t select font collections in your macOS system. If you meet the problem, run the command below in Terminal and try it again.)
    defaults write -app Xcode NSFontPanelAttributes -string "1, 0"

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