My experience on Upthere

Upthere is a kind of new concept of cloud service such as iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive. Mostly cloud services save your data in both local and cloud. It could be beneficial for someone who wants to back up their data.

The problem is taking too much storage in your local storage

iPhone 16GB model has been criticized by users because it isn’t enough to fully use. The storage is too small to install bunch of applications from Appstore. Also the size of photos and videos taken by users is getting bigger and bigger.

Upthere provides a solution for it. It doesn’t take much space in your phone or notebook. It just saves thumbnails of photos or videos which are much smaller than fully saving them. So you can save your space with it.

Not enough to replace conventional cloud services

The problem that I faced with Upthere is organizing my documents in it. It suggests Loop as a tool for organizing. But, it isn’t enough to replace the conventional folders. Even they don’t provide tags to organize my files. So I hope that they provide a way for making it better.

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