Keynote Tutorial Character Style , How to use a character style in Keynote

I have a quote to present. By the way I want to emphasize specific text in the quote. Also, I don’t like a font for the quotation mark of the base font of the quote text. So in this case I need two different styles for specific text or a character. How can we solve this problem?

Keynote provides a style function that you can create a pre-defined style format for all kinds of objects. And we can use three styles related to text objects in Keynote.

One is a style for a text object.
Second one is a style for a character.
Last one is a style for a bullet text.

Through this tutorial we are going to create two different styles as a character style. And we will adopt them into our sample quote in a slide.

See you the result of the tutorial below,

What you will learn through this tutorial

You are going to learn how to create a character style in Keynote and how to adopt the styles into your texts in an object. Also, you will get acknowleged how overriding a style is worked in Keynote.

Animate them with a Keynote animation

Through this tutorial I try to create a sample animation for practical use in your presentation. So in this tutorial you are going to see how an animation with character styles will work as a practical way.

What is ‘Final Keynote’ ?

Final Keynote is a tutorial for Apple Keynote application. Since 2007 I have taught people how to use Keynote. So I am trying to make a comprehensive tutorial for Keynote use.
So stay tuned.

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