Keynote Tutorial , Sound is a design,too

When Steve Jobs unveiled iPad at the first, everyone expected that the price of iPad would be over 999 dollar. And then Steve Jobs broke the expectation with 499 dollars. But, it wasn’t stop with that. Steve Jobs dramatically showed the price of iPad at Keynote event.

When he firstly showed the price, he used a sound effect breaking a glass with visual animation on the slide. And the direction of the show was so dramatic and made it sense to the audience. I think that the sound engraved the moment on the brain of audience.

Through this tutorial we will learn how to use a sound effect in Keynote and then we will make a dramatic effect with a sample sound that I provide for you.

As a result, you will get the idea that we don’t have to limit our design with jus visual graphics. A sound is invisible. But, sometimes it is more effective than a visible thing.

Watch the trailer of this tutorial below

How should we use a sound clip on presentation design?

Using a sound clip on your presentation shouldn’t be frequent. Too many sound effects could be bad to the audience’s attention.

Always be careful to use a sound clip with animations or transitions in Keynote.

The sound clip should have a right meaning of your scene.

Think about Steve Jobs. His message was ‘The expectation of the price is broken.’ So the message , the animations and the sound clip shared a consistent theme to direct the scene.

Keynote can control your sound clip with animations.

Keynote provides two animations to control your sound clip.

First one is starting a sound clip and the other one is stopping a sound clip. If you have more sound clips than the only one sound clip in your slide , you can create a sound sequence with those animations.

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