Keynote Tutorial Text Format – Make your font consistent

Text is essential for your presentation. There is no presentation which does not have a text. By the way the gap between ideal presentation and real presentation is too big. Still many presentations are conquered by texts. Too many texts make people boring and gone from your presentation. So I would like to suggest a practical way to make your presentation better. Selecting a right font is very important to make your text better to read.

Select a sans serif type font than serif type font. And secondly don’t select too many fonts for your presentation. I prefer 1 or 2 fonts. One more thing is Keynote supports a special effect which calls ‘Text morphing’ and it is great to use a different type of font between slides.

Make a paragraph style in Keynote

Keynote provides a style function which you can use a pre-defined paragraph style to text objects in Keynote. The great reason to use the style is because you can easily manage multiple texts at once and also it helps you to keep your text format consistent.

Select a right font in Keynote

When you select a font, you have to think about the audience at the first. Sometimes people like to use a font to present his/her personality. But, that’s not a first priority. Think about it is a readable font for your audience. Is the audience far from the screen able to read the text? That’s the point.

Text morphing in Keynote

Keynote’s magic move provide a special effect which calls text morphing. It automatically putting a smooth animation between slides. Each slide’s text object should be set up different fonts to maximize the effect.

As I mentioned above, a text is the essential for your presentation. There is no presentation without texts. To make your text better, try the steps above in Keynote. It will make your presentation solid, legible and consistent.

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