Keynote Tutorial How to improve your bullets

Keynote Tutorial – How to improve your bullets by using Keynote

A bullet point based text is widely used on the presentation. But, the problem of the use is that a whole text of the bullet points are suddenly shown to the audience. And then the audience would feel burden to the amount of texts on the slide. So we need to improve the way to deliver the bullet text. And with Keynote you can easily improve the bullets.

So here is a trick that you can practically use on your future presentation. When you deliver several bullet points, you can animate them with Keynote’s bullet images. As a result, your audience will follow each bullet animation. This gives us a power to control the audience’s attention.

I always have thought about how the design should be worked on a presentation. Most people never think about it seriously. We have various design elements on Keynote such as text , shape , image , video , table , chart and animation. These elements should be designed with a clear objective. In this example you can learn how you design bullets better on your presentation.

This is a brief introduction of my video tutorial which calls ‘Final Keynote’ and I will put my experience and knowlege of Keynote presentation design into the tutorials.

So stay tuned!

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