Remove “Desktop Video Firmware Updater” process in Mac

One day I found a process named Desktop Video Firmware Updater which has an ugly icon on the system activity app on Mac and then I figured out it was from Blackmagic Design software which I installed at the past time. But, I don’t use it now.

I tried to kill the process, but, I couldn’t do it. So I found the location of the execution file at the link below,

/Library/Application Support/Blackmagic Design/Blackmagic DeckLink/Desktop Video Firmware Video Firmware Updater

After removing it I finally can’t see it on the activity window. If someone has used Blackmagic Design software on Mac, please refer this post to clean up your processes on Mac.

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  1. Looked for that folder and I don't have in the suggested location but have the same warning issue.

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