A great usage of Launch Center Pro’s lc-callback

Launch Center Pro has its own callback function which calls lc-callback. The feature of this is that user should touch a button to go back to Launch Center Pro app after the success of a custom url action.

On the other hand, x-callback-url can automatically redirect you to Launch Center Pro app in a same case. So probably you might think that x-callback-url is a good choice because you can reduce a step.

Review OmniFocus Perspectives

At the end of every day I usually take a review of several perspectives in OmniFocus. So I would like to create a list of perspectives in Launch Center Pro to easily and quickly view them.

By the way if I use x-callback-url, I can’t have a time to review each perspective that I selected. So in this case lc-callback of Launch Center Pro is right fit.

So I implemented a custom url action below,

[list:Daily Review|Daily Check=omnifocus:///perspective//{{Daily Check}}?lc-callback=[action:129]|Deferred=omnifocus:///perspective/{{Deferred}}?lc-callback=[action:129]|Delegated=omnifocus:///perspective/{{Delegated}}?lc-callback=[action:129]]

Additionally I like setting up a notification in Launch Center Pro which can inform me when I should review the perspectives through the custom url action above.

As a result, my workflow to review OmniFocus’s perspectives became much simple. So I hope that you might get an idea from a custom url action above.

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